What is Integrative Medicine?

What is Integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine focuses on patient-centered, individualized care that selects the best combination of therapies to manage your healthcare needs and more importantly address disease prevention. The ultimate goal is to optimize your health and wellness in a manner that appeals to you and can work for your particular situation. 

Over two-thirds of Americans see alternative and complementary practitioners and take record numbers of vitamins and supplements.  Most patients don’t even discuss these interventions with their primary care doctors.  This creates a potentially dangerous gap and inefficiency in an individual’s healthcare.  Integrative medicine combines mainstream medical therapies and complementary/alternative therapies that are backed by high quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. This serves to bridge communication within the medical community.

Most people can benefit from an integrative medical evaluation if they are seeking a more holistic approach to health.  Dr. Phelps sees patients with many diagnoses such as: anxiety, depression, chronic disease, cardiac history, gastrointestinal disturbances, cancer, sleep disorders, ADHD.  She also offers a wellness evaluation, and assists in sorting out your vitamin, supplement, diet and exercise regimen. She evaluates your medicines and determines whether any herbal medicines have a place in your care.

Integrative medicine strives to bridge communication between your conventional doctors and any traditional modalities.  Trained as medical doctors, integrative physicians freely discuss your conventional care with other physicians bringing scientific evidence to the medical community in support of alternative or complimentary care that may enhance the outcome of your health. Integrative Medicine focuses on the root causes of illness to bring about healing at the deepest level rather than only symptomatic relief.

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